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Gig Economy Platform Jobs Pay & DeFi Banking.
Our Story

Head office in Dubai with Development operations between India, Singapore, South korea and the U.K. the tech favoured U.A.E  is where the Gig Economy Platform was fully conceptualised a decentralised cross-chain|blockchain project with high focus on client security and guarantee because it's your earnings and wages!

Our Vision

A forward thinking future of work forging a new era of remote work applications  and DefiBanking an interoperable future of credits and debit based on new tech banking.

We are the Future of Work Security


The Gig Economy Platform technology originally built on the BLAKE (Hash Function) and a major J++ Application with 42 UpGrades to the new lighting network ECR20 network built in a full interoperable Dapp for jobs and DeFibanking.



How it works


Download the Gig Economy application from Apple Store (ios) and or Android on  GooglePlay activate KYC process, The Gig Economy Platform algorithm marks jobs preference via machine learned skills and Geolocation get certified and your Defi Banking credentials is offered.


With A.I technology its analysis of conceptual skills and key cognitive skills the Gig Economy Platform matches the right talent to the right job, Blockchain immutable stak of C.Vs...


"The smartest jobs & new banking product
in the market"


Visa Debit Card Partnership Deal Concluded!

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With a future scheduled product release date due soon & VASP licensing to allow over 10 crypto assets swap and store DeFi-VASP, Should you want to know more about our product please fill in your contact details.

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